Using your WordPress Website to Gain More Customers in 2020

Using Your WordPress Website To Create More Sales

Many new business owners think that simply throwing together a website or a landing page is sufficient and as such, they put it at the bottom of the list of priorities behind doing things like developing a product, pushing their service, and marketing. The thought is that as long as they have a good product, it will sell itself and they will not have to do much or worry about the website. However, what many of these new business owners do not realize is the fact that their website is actually one of the biggest ways that they will gain customers and as such, it needs to be well thought out, planned carefully, and executed well. Over 35 percent of all websites online in 2020 were created using the content management tool WordPress. WordPress lets users easily build websites with graphical drag and drop environments. Users are offered an array of ‘plugins’ which are pre-made parts of websites.

These plugins can be used for anything such as forms, shopping carts, event systems, or anything you could think of! The most common types of plugins are backup and duplication plugins. If you need help cloning, merging, or transferring an existing website to another host, or maybe you want to simply backup your website to the cloud, look no further than the Duplicator Pro Plugin. Duplicator Pro allows users to easily clone or migrate their WordPress website in a matter of clicks. When installing a new plugin on the backend of WordPress, search for Duplicator Pro and simply install and follow the instructions.

Below are a few ways in which companies can create websites that convert most of their traffic into sales that grow the company.

Make your home page layout simple and to the point
Many business owners think that their homepage needs to be packed full of everything they offer or that it should show all of the products as soon as you land on the website so that potential customers can see the range of options they can get by coming to your business. However, it has actually been proven that if you have fewer things on your homepage and more pointed tabs that they can direct themselves too on another page, your sales will actually go up. This process helps you gain more sales because it gives your website a very focused look that does not overwhelm customer, shows exactly what you offer, and tells customers what your company is about in a page that they can look at quickly and remember.

2.) Use videos when you can
Humans thrive off of human interaction of any kind. We want to see people living life and doing regular things, and this is why adding videos to conversion pages on your website can increase your sales.
Because humans need interaction so much, they are more likely to buy into your brand when they can absorb your information through video rather than through simply reading text that you have written down. It creates engagement and trust in your brand and gets consumers excited about what you offer and more willing to buy into what you are selling. Having a high-resolution video on your conversion page will help draw in new and existing customers.

3.) Find a way to get email addresses from visitors
Email marketing has remained a great way to market your business because people check their emails so often and it puts you right in their face which keeps your business on their mind. However, you cannot market yourself through email marketing if you don’t have people’s emails. When you create a page that captures email addresses, you automatically open a door to being able to snd them email marketing campaigns encouraging them to come back to your website. The more visible your company is and the more often your company is in someone’s head, the more likely they are to trust and buy into your brand.

It is important to set up a website that goes beyond simply looking professional. In this day and age where our society thrives off of buying things through the internet, you want to stand out, gain their trust, and keep them interacting with your brand so that they are more likely to buy into what you sell. Your website creates sales, spend time on it and make it exceptional!