Waterproof Bags

Why Should I Buy Waterproof Bags?

There are different kinds of bags for men and women. For women, fashionable bags are in demand. So if you’re a woman who’s always on the lookout for the latest styles, you should know the names of the various bags available on the market, the latest designs as well as the manufacturers. But, normally, women should have the following bags to match different occasions: leather satchel, day clutch, cross body, evening clutch, casual day bag, shoulder bag and a tote. For men, we have the messenger bag, camera bag, laptop bag, newsboy bag, tote, holdall bag and of course the briefcase.

Other types of bags you should have

But, of course, there are other bags that you should also have besides these above-mentioned bags for men and women. If you’re a student or a sporty type of a person, for example, you should have a backpack. If you’re a traveler, a backpack is also a must aside from the ordinary traveler’s bag.

Aside from backpack, there are other sports bag that you should have, most especially if you are a sports enthusiast.  We have the gym or workout bag, duffel bags, sack pack, luggage bag, cross body tote bag. It’s best to have at least one waterproof bag even if you’re not into water sports because you can use it anywhere.  Waterproof bags made of nylon are lightweight and there are available for both men and women. This type of waterproof bag is handy because you can use it to store your gears.

A foldable waterproof type is a good option if you’ll only be using it at least once a month. But for someone who’s into kayaking, canoeing, diving, camping, hiking and mountain climbing, or weekend fishing, a dry waterproof duffle bag is a good choice.  It comes with special features such as an extra external pocket, removable shoulder straps and two-way purge valve for inflation and deflation.  For added security, you can get one set of waterproof bags where you can place your stuff individually. Another waterproof bag that’s really worth your money is the compression dry sack. It compresses the volume to 1/3 while keeping it dry.

I used to only have one traveler’s bag and it was very inconvenient to use because it didn’t have enough pockets for small stuff and not large enough for a week vacation. So, it’s important that you should know what type of bag should be used on each occasion. Dry bags, for example, is a choice for extreme sports for maximum protection. They are made with plastic film and coated with other special fabrics to get 100% water protection. Waterproof bags with a watertight seal is a good choice for me because it offers the best protection. I can do my outdoor activities without having to worry about getting my personal stuff wet. My DSLR camera is not that expensive, but I still don’t want to buy another just because my waterproof bag sucks.

It’s also wonderful to know that waterproof bags can be used, not only to store your stuff and keep them dry. You may be surprised but you can use it as an emergency pillow, laundry bag, water bucket, makeshift washing machine, camp mat, and as a floatation device. Wonderful, isn’t it? It won’t costs you a thing, you just have to be more creative and resourceful.

So, think of durability, weight, water resistance, costs, brand size and your intention when buying one.